Waveney Valley Farm Shop

The Waveney Valley Farm Shop sits at the heart of the buildings at the Earsham Wetland Centre, and delivers the most sought after local produce available. Provenance of livestock and support for local businesses is something we actively chase and endorse. We believe a link between all local producers helps create thriving local businesses, and a better quality farm shop for our customers.

We work closely with local producers of preserves, chutneys, sauces and drinks to ensure all of our ambient products will be sourced from the very best Norfolk and Suffolk have to offer.

We are working hand in hand with the ongoing project at Dicklebrough moor, which is also being supported by the Otter Trust, to rear our own heard of Pedigree Red Poll Cattle and Norfolk Horn Sheep, as we grow our heard and develop our plans for the moor, we will be able to provide more of the succulent and world renowned Red Poll Beef, as well as the unique taste of the Norfolk Horn’s delicious lamb.

We always ensure that our meat comes from either native or Rare breed livestock. We work closely with local rare breed farmers, and also keep in close contact with the rare breed survival trust, to ensure we deliver only the best meat from our butchery counter.

We also offer a wide range of cured meats and local cheeses from our deli counter, as well as some cheeses from further afield, to offer a little flair to an otherwise locally driven farm shop.

We will post more information and images soon from our fully completed farm shop soon, as well as telling the story of how we turned a tool shed and office building into the rustic artisan farm shop our customers enjoy today.